Travel logistics

Travel logistics

Travel logistics

Travel logistics

Travel logistics: trips, bookings and travel details

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Destination, location, type and duration of trip
Means of getting to and from, airfare
Ground-transportation while on the trip
Accommodation, Meals and special events

When considering a trip or planning any kind of travel, it is important to plan for the unexpected and consider the financial side of things early on. This ensures affordability, liquidity and having the resources to enjoy it to the fullest!

101 Tips for traveling on a budget focuses on this aspect in more detail.
When budgeting, plan for the worst-case scenario money wise. Prepare for things to cost a little more than you expected. Keep and eye on the exchange rate (if applicable). Allow up to 20% increase in cost to be on the safe side of things.

It is extremely easy these days to have access to your financial resources through ATM’s and credit cards. Just remember that it is just as easy to overspend because of it being so readily available. A little discipline will go a long way to protect your financial interest and help you stick to your travel budget.

Set some spending priorities and criteria in advance, like eating well, even if this means sacrificing a bit on lodgings or visa Versa, depending on what is more important to you. Think about value and cost in the local currency as opposed to converting all the time to your home currency and comparing and weighing prices that way.

Carrying some spare cash somewhere can be a lifesaver. The rule of thumb seems to be around $50$100 US equivalent, in small bills. This can be used for incidentals, ground transportation like cab fare and/or your return home, tips and more.

When considering when, where, how, for how long and what type of vacation, trip or holiday venture to undertake, we all get caught up in the anticipation, excitement and exhilaration.

Sometimes we let the more important financial side of things slip a little. After all, for most of us, this only happens a couple of times in our lifetime or perhaps once a year. We tend to indulge and forget about our pocketbook a little. However, some close attention to the financials now and during your trip, will save you lots of headaches and interest charges on your credit card balances later! You will thank yourself for your fiscal restraint and spending discipline, upfront planning, foresight and forward thinking!

There are many ways to save money, avoid unnecessary cost, ensure you take care of details end up a smart and perceptive traveler. We look at a couple of suggestions in this section offering some handy tips in handling the logistics of your trip, in effect optimizing traveling on a budget and making your travel dollar go further!

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