Traveling Baggage

Traveling Baggage Next, our discussion turns to luggage. What exactly do you need to pack into your suitcase and how? What goes into your suitcase is important too.  Shop for the items you need several days before your trip to avoid last minute convenience buying Empty cheap dollar-store equivalent plastic bottles filled with products like shampoo and liquid soap will go a long way to save you some money. Buyers beware of travel size items. Typically, you do not find these items economically priced. Mostly people can consider them a luxury and specialized item. Soap dish and toothbrush cases are also handy items to storeRead More →

Road trips - saving money while traveling by car

Road trips – saving money while traveling by car   ƒ Maximize gas mileage and efficiency. A well-maintained vehicle will go a long way to ensure carefree driving. It is advisable to travel in a small economy car. It could be your own or a rental. However, bear in mind, the smaller the vehicle, and the better it will be on gas. Minivans and sport utility vehicles are practical only if you have to transport a large family and lots of equipment or luggage ƒ Keeping yourself and others entertained while on the road is no small task. Music or books on tape or CD,Read More →

Travel logistics

Travel logistics Travel logistics: trips, bookings and travel details Destination, location, type and duration of trip Means of getting to and from, airfare Ground-transportation while on the trip Accommodation, Meals and special events When considering a trip or planning any kind of travel, it is important to plan for the unexpected and consider the financial side of things early on. This ensures affordability, liquidity and having the resources to enjoy it to the fullest! 101 Tips for traveling on a budget focuses on this aspect in more detail. When budgeting, plan for the worst-case scenario money wise. Prepare for things to cost a little moreRead More →

The travel dilemma and decision

The travel dilemma and decision ¬ Where and when to go, where to stay, how to get there ¬ Destination Travel Traveling is both exciting and exhilarating. It appeals to the majority of us for various reasons. It all seems to stem from somewhere deep within our human make-up. We are social and curious beings. Our earlier nomadic traditions and heritage, urge us to explore and conquer our world, both known and unknown. It has always been a quest and inspiration to go somewhere we have not been before and see places unseen until now. The travel dilemma most of us face is simply whenRead More →


Travel-Enablers Financial Strategies and Budgeting for a vacation or trip Most people mistakenly think that you need a lot of money to travel, or that vacations are simply too expensive and lavish. This is a good example of a wrongful assumption. Traveling ‘light’ so to speak, with limited cash, combined with a positive attitude and a deep personal commitment, persistence and resourcefulness is possible. 9 Simply put, planning pays and travel budgets save money. Taking the extra time to review sources at your disposal prior to, during and after your trip encourages a hands-on, pro-active approach to traveling and vacationing in general. Most of usRead More →


Introduction The key to budget travel is to plan ahead. When it comes to family trips, globetrotting, well-deserved vacations and/or going to see new places we have never been before, the reality of cost and budgeting is always in the back of our minds. Planning and spending our travel dollar wisely is a priority for most families. Curbing and fiscal responsibility. Your pocketbook and family will thank you!   The reasoning behind saving money while traveling is simple: Even if your personal budget is extremely tight, you can still take a break and enjoy life! Simply put, life is just too short to never AlsoRead More →